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Gideon is by far the most educated member of the group, but is probably best known for his kindness and compassion.

Born in the city of Persis, the center of religion in the southern kingdom, Gideon was raised in both a regimented and spiritual way of life. His church began grooming him for a position of importance at an early age, recognizing his great intellect, patience, and maturity.

When Gideon was barely a teenager, the High Priest of their city withdrew all of their clergy and soldiers from the war, denouncing the southern king for failing to make peace when it was offered. Things went badly for Carnasus after that and the war turned in favor of their enemies to the north.

Gideon, a scholar at heart, had never held a weapon in his life. He had read about war and its brutality but never imagined he would take part in it. Everything changed for him on the night he fell asleep at prayer and woke to meet an exile of the church, Daelemon. In the year since then, Gideon has traveled the south recruiting men and seeking support for the war effort. He fears he will never again sit beneath his favorite tree, reading his scrolls and admiring the city he has loved all his life – but he fears worse that his home will be turned to ash and rubble as the others he has seen, and that his companions may fail in this perilous quest they have been put upon.


Veradon is a difficult characters to cover. On the surface, he seems like an arrogant and snobbish knight…which he is, but he is also one of the more mysterious and complex figures in the series.

All that is really known of him is that he is a knight of Kholar, a strange and detached coalition of kingdoms that was vanquished by the north around the time Veradon would have been born. Fiercely independent, Kholar refused to ally themselves with anyone during the civil war in their homeland, or against their eventual conquerors in Calaway – where our story takes place.

Now, twenty years since Kholar’s defeat, the north marches on the southern kingdom’s capital in hopes of ending the war once and for all. Veradon is one of thousands who have traveled from all over the realm to defend Carnasus, but he will soon find out that his destiny lies elsewhere, on a path more difficult than he ever could have imagined.


Alycea was born at the crossroads of Calaway, where she has worked at a family-run inn for all of her life. Her home lies so close to the border of each of the three kingdoms, that not even Alycea could tell you where she is from beyond Hafren – a name given to the spot by locals.

It has only been a few months since Alycea left Hafren, but a lifetime has passed between now and then. She has spent most of that time with a knight of Kholar, Veradon, and more recently, a priest of Persis by the name of Gideon. They have traveled halfway across Calaway to risk their lives to defend a place she has never been to – because it is her only hope of ever going home.


If you were to ask Segris, he would probably say he is the wisest and most charismatic character in the group – certainly the most handsome – but while he is telling you this, you had better keep an eye on your valuables, for they may turn up missing.

Segris is the thief with a heart of gold and the bravest coward you could ever meet. He would share his last bit of stew with you, but if you survived, you would never hear the end of it – and he would probably write a song about it.

He grew up poor and joined a thieves’ guild in Carnasus at a young age, but never really took to the more sinister aspects of their trade. Six years later, when word came that Carnasus’ enemies to the north were marching to destroy them, he couldn’t decide if he was more afraid of their army or his own guild, so he fled the city and took to the open road.

Ten years later, Segris has traveled all over Calaway, doing his best to avoid Carnasus. Guilds can be very unforgiving – especially thieves’ guilds – but sometimes life has a way of bringing us back home despite our best efforts. On his travels, Segris befriended a barbarian named Gaeruhal – or Grahl, as most call him. They are both outcasts to the rest of the world, but they are the only real friends that either of them has.

When our story begins, Segris, very grudgingly has returned to Carnasus to honor the wishes of his barbarian friend. With eyes and ears at every corner, Segris has never felt less safe, but a 7’2” barbarian and a flagon of courage can make a person do the damndest of things.


Gaeruhal, known as Grahl to the group, is what most would call a Vagnel, or barbarian. In the Old Lands, where all the people of Calaway come from (and where our story takes place), the Vagnel held the mountain ranges that divided the two greatest empires – Talmai and Abiras.

When civil war broke out in Talmai, thousands of people set sail into the unknown and discovered the island of Calaway. After the rebellion, the emperor of Talmai tricked the Vagnel to fight Abiras, and then slaughtered the barbarians’ families.

Alone and with enemies on all sides, the Vagnel sailed to Calaway in hopes of saving their kind. They were promised lands in the north if they helped to fight the southern kings and lords, but they were betrayed once more and had no place left to go.

After twenty years, the Vagnel have been hunted and scattered to near extinction. Grahl has spent much of his life working as protection from merchants, traveling the lands hoping to find another of his kind. During his travels, he met his companion and fellow group member, Segris – a thief and second-generation Abirat. Together, they have made their way to Carnasus where our story begins. The two men who have nothing in common save for that they are outcasts and at the beginning of a long journey.


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Welcome to Grinidon Studios, a small, cosy office tucked away in a corner of the kingdom of Carnasus, in the land of Calaway. Well…. we all wish we were in Carnasus, but Las Vegas is pretty cool too!

We hope you will join us on our journey through all the lands of Calaway, and the creative processes behind it! So pack your bags, and join Jeremy, Jasmine, Lora and Kat on an epic journey through the creation of



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Jeremy Dunn, author of Grinidon is going to be on Surviving Sin City tomorrow, live at 7 pacific time. You can watch it on their website at the link below, and even ask questions on Twitter! It will also be on television sometime in the next two months. If you miss the show, you can still watch it on their site afterward. They have a whole new setup, so we’re looking forward to seeing it!


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