Gideon is by far the most educated member of the group, but is probably best known for his kindness and compassion.

Born in the city of Persis, the center of religion in the southern kingdom, Gideon was raised in both a regimented and spiritual way of life. His church began grooming him for a position of importance at an early age, recognizing his great intellect, patience, and maturity.

When Gideon was barely a teenager, the High Priest of their city withdrew all of their clergy and soldiers from the war, denouncing the southern king for failing to make peace when it was offered. Things went badly for Carnasus after that and the war turned in favor of their enemies to the north.

Gideon, a scholar at heart, had never held a weapon in his life. He had read about war and its brutality but never imagined he would take part in it. Everything changed for him on the night he fell asleep at prayer and woke to meet an exile of the church, Daelemon. In the year since then, Gideon has traveled the south recruiting men and seeking support for the war effort. He fears he will never again sit beneath his favorite tree, reading his scrolls and admiring the city he has loved all his life – but he fears worse that his home will be turned to ash and rubble as the others he has seen, and that his companions may fail in this perilous quest they have been put upon.