Veradon is a difficult characters to cover. On the surface, he seems like an arrogant and snobbish knight…which he is, but he is also one of the more mysterious and complex figures in the series.

All that is really known of him is that he is a knight of Kholar, a strange and detached coalition of kingdoms that was vanquished by the north around the time Veradon would have been born. Fiercely independent, Kholar refused to ally themselves with anyone during the civil war in their homeland, or against their eventual conquerors in Calaway – where our story takes place.

Now, twenty years since Kholar’s defeat, the north marches on the southern kingdom’s capital in hopes of ending the war once and for all. Veradon is one of thousands who have traveled from all over the realm to defend Carnasus, but he will soon find out that his destiny lies elsewhere, on a path more difficult than he ever could have imagined.