If you were to ask Segris, he would probably say he is the wisest and most charismatic character in the group – certainly the most handsome – but while he is telling you this, you had better keep an eye on your valuables, for they may turn up missing.

Segris is the thief with a heart of gold and the bravest coward you could ever meet. He would share his last bit of stew with you, but if you survived, you would never hear the end of it – and he would probably write a song about it.

He grew up poor and joined a thieves’ guild in Carnasus at a young age, but never really took to the more sinister aspects of their trade. Six years later, when word came that Carnasus’ enemies to the north were marching to destroy them, he couldn’t decide if he was more afraid of their army or his own guild, so he fled the city and took to the open road.

Ten years later, Segris has traveled all over Calaway, doing his best to avoid Carnasus. Guilds can be very unforgiving – especially thieves’ guilds – but sometimes life has a way of bringing us back home despite our best efforts. On his travels, Segris befriended a barbarian named Gaeruhal – or Grahl, as most call him. They are both outcasts to the rest of the world, but they are the only real friends that either of them has.

When our story begins, Segris, very grudgingly has returned to Carnasus to honor the wishes of his barbarian friend. With eyes and ears at every corner, Segris has never felt less safe, but a 7’2” barbarian and a flagon of courage can make a person do the damndest of things.