Gaeruhal, known as Grahl to the group, is what most would call a Vagnel, or barbarian. In the Old Lands, where all the people of Calaway come from (and where our story takes place), the Vagnel held the mountain ranges that divided the two greatest empires – Talmai and Abiras.

When civil war broke out in Talmai, thousands of people set sail into the unknown and discovered the island of Calaway. After the rebellion, the emperor of Talmai tricked the Vagnel to fight Abiras, and then slaughtered the barbarians’ families.

Alone and with enemies on all sides, the Vagnel sailed to Calaway in hopes of saving their kind. They were promised lands in the north if they helped to fight the southern kings and lords, but they were betrayed once more and had no place left to go.

After twenty years, the Vagnel have been hunted and scattered to near extinction. Grahl has spent much of his life working as protection from merchants, traveling the lands hoping to find another of his kind. During his travels, he met his companion and fellow group member, Segris – a thief and second-generation Abirat. Together, they have made their way to Carnasus where our story begins. The two men who have nothing in common save for that they are outcasts and at the beginning of a long journey.